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Throughout the Clone Wars, the pressures of the CIS (Confederacy from Independent Systems) were latched in battle along with the Storm Troopers of the Galactic Republic. Among the best dreadful tools devices they had to experience was actually the main Battle Tank deployed through the Republic. This monster, referred to as the HAVw (Heavy Assault Vehicle/wheeled) A6 Juggernaut, was produced by Kuat Drive Yards for the Republic. LEGO has actually produced pair of versions of this motor vehicle, which they get in touch with the Clone Turbo Tank.

In the lengthy war in between the CIS and also the Republic, battling raged above a large front end. During the course of the Battle of Felucia, a new weapons unit was released through the troops from the Republic. That was the A5 design from the Juggernaut. At first, that served as the demand automobile of Commander Ahsoka Tano. This variation was 22 meters long, and 15 meters high to the top from the Observation Platform. With its own five ride axles, its own top rate on layer ground was 160 km/hr. The A5 might conduct around FIFTY troopers.

The A5 design was observed through the HAVw A6 ubat kuat Juggernaut, which was actually much larger compared to the A5. Along with its own bigger measurements, this can carry as a lot of as 300 Troopers.

The first LEGO model from the A6 Juggernaut was actually released in May 2005, as well as was actually offered the label “Clone Turbo Tank”; the LEGO prepared designation was 7261. This collection featured 7 minifigs, featuring Clone Troopers, Battle Droids, an Aerial Trooper, and also Mace Windu. In this particular initial launch, the mini-figure from Mace Windu possessed a lightweight saber that would actually ignite up when the leading from his head was pressed. This likewise indicated, however, that the minifig can not be dismantled. The collection possessed 801 pieces, as well as like the A6 this was actually modeled after, featured double cabins, one at each end of the device.

The second version from LEGO 7261 was actually pretty identical to the very first, with a couple of exemptions: the minifig from Mace Windu absolutely no a lot longer possessed the light-up illumination scimitar, and an extra Clone Trooper minifig was actually included. Each versions included the extremely dexterous suspension that characterized the A6; the wheel axles pivot off their centers, giving the container the ability to deal with rugged terrain.

The 2nd model of this Battle Tank that LEGO launched was actually assigned LEGO 8098, however it retained the label “Clone Battle Tank”. The monitoring high rise that rises over the storage tank is actually additionally consisted of.